What could your business do with cheque for £55,000?

If your business spends money on R&D for new products or processes or you are improving existing ones, you could make a claim!

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90% of eligible businesses fail to claim R&D

Is my business eligible for R&D?

It is estimated that around nine out of ten eligible small and medium businesses are failing to claim for eligible R&D expenditure.

Innovation comes in many different forms, for example, a restaurant developing a new app linked to its takeaway service or a manufacturer pushing boundaries on production techniques.

It is our experience that many businesses are put off by the term R&D and immediately believe they don’t qualify.

R&D tax relief provides up to a 230% total deduction from taxable profits meaning the tax savings can very quickly be substantial for entrepreneurial businesses.

R&D Qualifying Expenditure

Qualifying expenditure can include materials, wages, overheads, and even subcontractors.

Claims can be made for the last two years and HMRC usually issue their refunds within 28 days!

It is often worth a quick ten-minute conversation to understand if you could qualify for the relief. The potential result from making a claim could make a significant financial impact on the business.

In our experience, many business owners are surprised to learn of the qualifying criteria and underestimate the amount of R&D that is inherent in the work they do.

R&D Tax Credits Eligibility

Does R&D relate to my business? Here are four key questions to ask yourself as you consider an R&D claim.

What is the scientific or technological advance?

Consider what advance is being sought, are looking to develop something that is not readily available in the market

What scientific or technological uncertainties were encountered?

Uncertainty exists when knowledge of whether something is scientifically possible or technologically feasible, or how to achieve it in practice, isn’t readily available or deducible by a component professional working in the field.

How and when were the uncertainties overcome?

Remember that the commercial failure of a product does not mean that R&D wasn’t present. And if the scientific uncertainties weren’t overcome, that can still mean that the work to address the uncertainties can be R&D.

Why wasn’t the knowledge being sought readily deducible by competent professionals?

It might be publicly known that others have tried to resolve the uncertainties and failed. Or maybe others have resolved uncertainties, but precisely how it was done isn’t in the public domain. In either case, a valid technological uncertainty can still exist.

Our average SME claim is £55,962 and counting...

– We have a 100% success rate –

Example claims

Our team have experience handling claims of all sizes for small and medium-sized businesses.

Specialist lifting company

Our work resulted in a R&D tax rebate of almost £80,000

Our client is a specialist lifting company delivering bespoke lifting services, not widely available in the market place, to its client base. The company were not previously aware that their work qualified for R&D tax relief but it was clear to our experts that the company was clearly pushing the boundaries of the existing practices.

Our team worked closely with the company’s internal finance team and engineers to develop an accurate and prudent claim document which resulted in a tax reclaim of almost £80,000.

In total the claim document was over 5,000 words containing photographs and technical drawings to substantiate the claim in allegiance with the specific tax legislation as published by HMRC. It is our hope that structuring the claim in this manner reduces the work required from the client, and also makes it easier for the HMRC inspector to approve the claim.

Scrap metal company

In total, our claim recovered over £110,000 of tax for the client

Our client works predominantly in the scrap metal industry and did not believe they completed any R&D work. Upon investigation, it was clear that they were developing a green, recycling element to their scrap recycling.

This service meant that a number of previously scrap materials were able to be reused and recycled. This took a significant amount of staff and time and costs to be able to research and develop the service to a point where it was available for clients.

Integrated control solutions company

We recovered over £140,000 of corporation tax for the client

The company in question was involved in helping leading blue-chip companies with their design and implementation of control solutions. They had previously been advised by a specialist R&D claims firm, who had already made a claim.

Our team were able to liaise with management to gain a deeper understanding of the activities the company completed and were able to enhance further the existing claim whilst staying well within the remit of the R&D tax legislation.

As our specialists are also fully qualified accountants we believe this knowledge aligned with the specialist engineering skills of the client was the key to maximising this claim.

The average refund time is just 28 days

– With minimal input from you –

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They worked with us to ensure we maximised our Research and Development tax claim. The process was clean, easy and straight forward. they took the time to understand our business and worked with us to produce an excellent document to support our claim. The whole process was a pleasure and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Get a Tax Rebate

Joe W – R&D Tax Claim

They created a document that was over 5,000 words containing photographs and technical drawings etc – this was not something we would have had the time to complete internally so having a team to do this for us was essential

Simon F – R&D Tax Claim