The Get a Tax Rebate guys were great, they sorted my CIS claim out really quickly and I got a refund of £1,816.54 – made up

Dave Stewart – Construction Rebate

They worked with us to ensure we maximised our Research and Development tax claim. The process was clean, easy and straight forward. they took the time to understand our business and worked with us to produce an excellent document to support our claim. The whole process was a pleasure and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Get a Tax Rebate

Joe W – R&D Tax Claim

My claim took around seven weeks to arrive but it was well worth the wait! It ended up being far more than I originally hoped and I ended up with £2,422.89, I’ve also made £100 more since then as I recommended two of the lads in the barracks, cheers

Peter M White – Forces/MOD Rebate

They created a document that was over 5,000 words containing photographs and technical drawings etc – this was not something we would have had the time to complete internally so having a team to do this for us was essential

Simon F – R&D Tax Claim